The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.

Richard Feynman

Welcome to The Data Wrangler.

My name is Ashley Davis and this is where I publish articles on working with data.

I love the quote by Richard Feynman. It’s so easy to mislead oneself when you can’t see the data you are working with. Bringing data to life and being able to see its form and interactions is crucial to understanding. Problems become easy to see with the right sort of visualization and a problem that you can see is a problem that you can solve.

So much of my life seems to depend on data visualization. It could be a construction schedule (in my old day job), a financial graph (for watching my investments), debugging a 3D data set (in my previous life I developed games, simulations and VR) or staring at analytics trying to understand how people are using my product. In this blog I talk from my experience with data transformation, data visualization and managing large data sets.

I’m writing to share my experience of working with data for commercial and open-source projects. I have a strong interest in improving my data processing and visualization toolkit and to help others do the same. For a full background please see Linkedin or my personal web page.

One of my big open source projects has been Data Forge, developed to help me and my team work efficiently and effectively with data. It’s a data wrangling toolkit written in JavaScript. Please try it out, you might be surprised what it can do.

I have a book out now called Data Wrangling with JavaScript, that will give you a comprehensive tour of working data in JavaScript. I have also built a product for data analysis, transformation and visualization called Data-Forge Notebook - this is like Jupyter Notebook, but for JavaScript. It’s great if you love working in the Notebook- or literate-programming style.

If you are interested in learning or practicing stock market trading through simulation, please see my web site Market Wizard.

If you are interested in what I’m doing or have feedback, please get in touch at ashley@codecapers.com.au.