Monaco Editor Change log

[0.14.3] (17.08.2018)

  • Fixes TypeScript/JavaScript coloring of regular expressions

[0.14.2] (10.08.2018)

  • Reverts

[0.14.1] (10.08.2018)

  • Fixes Find All References (

[0.14.0] (10.08.2018)

New & Noteworthy

  • Using tree-shaking to reduce the amount of shipped code.
  • TypeScript and JavaScript coloring is now done with Monarch.
  • typescriptServices is no longer loaded on the UI thread, this helps with webpack’s bundle output size.
  • Added coloring for: apex, azcli, clojure, powerquery, rust, scheme and shell.
  • Added sub-word navigation commands.
  • Added font zoom commands.
  • Syntax highlighting for deleted lines in inline diff editor.
  • Highlighted indent guide.
  • Column selection using middle mouse button.
  • Added editor options: scrollBeyondLastColumn, hover, suggest, highlightActiveIndentGuide, showUnused.
  • Added setTokensProvider with EncodedTokensProvider.
  • Added monaco.languages.getEncodedLanguageId to get the numeric language id.
  • DefinitionProvider.provideDefinition, ImplementationProvider.provideImplementation, TypeDefinitionProvider.provideTypeDefinition can now return a DefinitionLink.

Breaking Changes

  • Removed no longer used Severity.
  • Renamed IEditor.isFocused to IEditor.hasTextFocus.
  • Renamed ICodeEditor.onDidFocusEditor to ICodeEditor.onDidFocusEditorWidget.
  • Renamed ICodeEditor.onDidBlurEditor to ICodeEditor.onDidBlurEditorWidget.
  • DocumentSymbolProvider.provideDocumentSymbols must now return DocumentSymbol[].

Thank you

Contributions to monaco-editor:

Contributions to monaco-typescript:

Contributions to monaco-languages:

[0.13.1] (15.05.2018)

  • Fixes issue #871: TypeScript import error after mocaco-editor upgraded from 0.12 to 0.13

[0.13.0] (11.05.2018)

New & Noteworthy

  • New folding provider registerFoldingRangeProvider.
  • You can now specifies the stack order of a decoration by setting IModelDecorationOptions.zIndex. A decoration with greater stack order is always in front of a decoration with a lower stack order.
  • You can now tell Monaco if there is an inlineClassName which affects letter spacing. the stack order of a decoration by setting IModelDecorationOptions.inlineClassNameAffectsLetterSpacing.
  • Get the text length for a certain line on text model (ITextModel.getLineLength(lineNumber: number))
  • New option codeActionsOnSave, controls whether code action kinds will be run on save.
  • New option codeActionsOnSaveTimeout, controls timeout for running code actions on save.
  • New option multiCursorMergeOverlapping, controls if overlapping selections should be merged. Default to true.

Breaking Change

  • Removed ICodeEditor.getCenteredRangeInViewport.
  • RenameProvider.resolveRenameLocation now returns RenameLocation instead of IRange.

Thank you

[0.12.0] (11.04.2018)

  • Special thanks to Tim Kendrick for contributing a webpack plugin - monaco-editor-webpack-plugin - now available on npm.

Breaking changes

  • Introduced MarkerSeverity instead of Severity for markers serverity.
  • Replaced RenameProvider.resolveInitialRenameValue with RenameProvider.resolveRenameLocation.
  • Fixed typo in monaco-typescript, renamed setMaximunWorkerIdleTime to setMaximumWorkerIdleTime.

Thank you

0.11.1 (15.03.2018)

  • Fixes issue #756: Can’t use “Enter” key to accept an IntelliSense item
  • Fixes issue #757: TypeScript errors in editor.api.d.ts typings

0.11.0 (14.03.2018)

New & Noteworthy

  • ESM distribution (compatible with e.g. webpack).
  • New interval tree decorations implementation.
  • New piece tree text buffer implementation.
  • The minimap can be placed to the left.
  • Line numbers can be displayed in an interval.
  • The cursor width can be customized.
  • Smooth scrolling can be turned on.
  • Color decorators and color picker via DocumentColorProvider.

Breaking changes

  • Replaced MarkedString with IMarkdownString. Source code snippets can be expressed using the GH markdown syntax.
  • Renamed IResourceEdit to ResourceTextEdit.

API changes

  • Merged IModel, IReadOnlyModel, IEditableTextModel, ITextModelWithMarkers, ITokenizedModel, ITextModelWithDecorations to ITextModel. A type alias for IModel is defined for compatibility.
  • Merged ICommonCodeEditor and ICodeEditor to ICodeEditor.
  • Merged ICommonDiffEditor and IDiffEditor to IDiffEditor.
  • CompletionItem.documentation, ParameterInformation.documentation and SignatureInformation.documentation can now be an IMarkdownString.
  • Added CompetionItem.command, CompletionItem.commitCharacters and CompletionItem.additionalTextEdits.
  • Added language configuration folding which can define markers for code patterns where a folding regions should be created. See for example the Python configuration.
  • Added by accident ResourceFileEdit (due to how monaco.d.ts is generated from vscode). That is not honoured by the editor, and should not be used.

Thank you

0.10.1 (16.10.2017)

  • Fixes issue #601: window.opener should be set to null to protect against malicious code

0.10.0 (17.08.2017)

Breaking changes

  • Removed CodeAction.
  • Method provideCodeActions in CodeActionProvider now returns Command[] | Thenable<Command[]> instead of CodeAction[] | Thenable<CodeAction[]>, which is already removed.

API changes

  • added monaco.editor.getModelMarkers. Get markers for owner and/or resource.

Notable Fixes

  • No longer use CSS class .row for command palette to avoid CSS conflicts with Bootstrap.
  • Fix Accessibility Help Dialog accessible issue on IE/Edge.
  • Fix Find Widget CSS compability issues with IE11.
  • Toggle Block Comment can remove extra whitespaces.

Thank you

0.9.0 (03.07.2017)

New & Noteworthy

  • Minimap (on by default, use editor.minimap to disable it).
  • Drag and Drop (on by default, use editor.dragAndDrop to disable it).
  • Copy text with formatting.


  • There is a new guide for making the editor accessible to all.
  • There is a new Alt+F1 (Ctrl+F1 in IE) accessibility help panel.
  • There is a new F8/Shift+F8 diff review panel in the diff editor.
  • Many bugfixes, including now respecting the Windows High Contrast Theme on Edge.

Breaking changes

  • A lot has changed w.r.t. how themes work in the editor, mostly driven by the work to support theming in VS Code. editor.updateOptions() no longer accepts theme; the theme can be changed via the newly introduced monaco.editor.setTheme(). Additionally, we recommend editor colors be customized via monaco.editor.defineTheme() instead of via CSS – see sample. The color names will be stable, while the CSS class names might break at any time.
  • Support for the internal snippet syntax has been discontinued and snippet must now use the official, TextMate-like syntax. Find its grammar and samples here.
  • Changed IModel.findMatches to accept a list of word separators.
  • Changed the shape of the IModelContentChangedEvent emitted via IModel.onDidChangeContent to now contain a batch of all the changes that the model had.
  • No longer using transform: translate3d, now using will-change: transform for browser layer hinting. Use the disableLayerHinting option if you have any trouble with browser layers (bluriness or high GPU memory usage).
  • Simplified wrapping settings: wordWrap, wordWrapColumn and wordWrapMinified.

API changes

  • added monaco.languages.registerTypeDefinitionProvider.
  • new editor options:
    • accessibilityHelpUrl - the url of a page to open for documentation about how to operate the editor when using a Screen Reader.
    • find.seedSearchStringFromSelection - Ctrl+F/Cmd+F seeds search string from the editor selection.
    • find.autoFindInSelection - Ctrl+F/Cmd+F turns on the find in selection toggle if the editor selection is multiline.
    • minimap.enabled - enable minimap.
    • minimap.showSlider - control when to render the minimap slider.
    • minimap.renderCharacters - render characters or blocks in the minimap.
    • minimap.maxColumn - maximum number of columns the minimap shows.
    • overviewRulerBorder - toggle that the overview ruler renders a border.
    • links - enable link detection.
    • multiCursorModifier - change the multi cursor modifier key.
    • accessibilitySupport - optimize the editor for use with a Screen Reader.
    • autoIndent - automatically fix indentation when moving lines, pasting or typing.
    • dragAndDrop - dragging and dropping editor selection within the editor.
    • occurrencesHighlight - enable highlighting of occurences.
    • showFoldingControls - fine-tune when the folding icons should show
    • matchBrackets - enable bracket matching
    • letterSpacing - configure font’s letter-spacing.

Thank you

0.8.3 (03.03.2017)

  • Fixes an issue in monaco-typescript where it would attempt to validate a disposed model.

0.8.2 (01.03.2017)

  • Fixes the following regressions:
    • issue #385: Cannot add action to the left-hand-side of the diff editor
    • issue #386: Shortcuts for actions added via editor.addAction don’t show up in the Command Palette
    • issue #387: Cannot change diff editor to a custom theme based on high contrast

0.8.1 (27.01.2017)

  • CSS/JSON/HTML language supports updated:
    • CSS: Support for @apply
    • SCSS: Map support
    • New HTML formatter options: unformatedContent, wrapAttributes
  • Fixed issue where the editor was throwing in Safari due to Intl missing.
  • Fixed multiple issues where the editor would not position the cursor correctly when using browser zooming.


  • Added disableMonospaceOptimizations editor option that can be used in case browser zooming exposes additional issues.
  • Added formatOnPaste editor option.
  • Added IActionDescriptor.precondition.
  • Breaking change: renamed registerTypeDefinitionProvider to registerImplementationProvider and associated types.

[0.8.0] (18.01.2017)

  • This release has been brewing for a while and comes with quite a number of important changes.
  • There are many bugfixes and speed/memory usage improvements.
  • Now shipping TypeScript v2.1.5 in monaco-typescript (JS and TS language support).

No longer supporting IE9 and IE10

  • we have not made the editor fail on purpose in these browsers, but we have removed IE9/IE10 targeted workarounds from our codebase;
  • now using Typed Arrays in a number of key places resulting in considerable speed boosts and lower memory consumption.

Monarch Tokenizer

  • Monarch states are now memoized up to a depth of 5. This results in considerable memory improvements for files with many lines.
  • Speed improvements to Monarch tokenizer that resulted in one breaking change:
  • when entering an embedded mode (i.e. nextEmbedded), the state ending up in must immediately contain a nextEmbedded: "@pop" rule. This helps in quickly figuring out where the embedded mode should be left. The editor will throw an error if the Monarch grammar does not respect this condition.

Tokens are styled in JS (not in CSS anymore)

  • This is a breaking change
  • Before, token types would be rendered on the span node of text, and CSS rules would match token types and assign styling to them (i.e. color, boldness, style tokens)
  • To enable us to build something like a minimap, we need to know the text color in JavaScript, and we have therefore moved the token style matching all to JavaScript. In the future, we foresee that even decorations will have to define their color in JavaScript.
  • It is possible to create a custom theme via a new API method monaco.editor.defineTheme() and the playground contains a sample showing how that works.
  • Token types can be inspected via F1 > Developer: Inspect tokens. This will bring up a widget showing the token type and the applied styles.

API changes:


  • added monaco.editor.onDidCreateEditor that will be fired whenever an editor is created (will fire even for a diff editor, with the two editors that a diff editor consists of).
  • added monaco.editor.tokenize that returns logical tokens (before theme matching, as opposed to monaco.editor.colorize).
  • added monaco.languages.registerTypeDefinitionProvider


  • removed IModel.getMode().
  • structural changes in the events IModelLanguageChangedEvent, IModelDecorationsChangedEvent and IModelTokensChangedEvent;
  • changed IModel.findMatches, IModel.findNextMatch and IModel.findPreviousMatch to be able to capture matches while searching.


  • ICodeEditor.addAction and IDiffEditor.addAction now return an IDisposable to be able to remove a previously added action.
  • renamed ICodeEditor.onDidChangeModelMode to ICodeEditor.onDidChangeModelLanguage;
  • ICodeEditor.executeEdits can now take resulting selection for better undo/redo stack management;
  • added ICodeEditor.getTargetAtClientPoint(clientX, clientY) to be able to do hit testing.
  • added IViewZone.marginDomNode to be able to insert a dom node in the margin side of a view zone.
  • settings:
    • lineDecorationsWidth can now take a value in the form of "1.2ch" besides the previous accepted number (in px)
    • renderLineHighlight can now take a value in the set 'none' | 'gutter' | 'line' | 'all'.
    • added fixedOverflowWidgets to render overflowing content widgets as 'fixed' (defaults to false)
    • added acceptSuggestionOnCommitCharacter to accept suggestions on provider defined characters (defaults to true)
    • added emptySelectionClipboard - copying without a selection copies the current line (defaults to true)
    • added suggestFontSize - the font size for the suggest widget
    • added suggestLineHeight - the line height for the suggest widget
  • diff editor settings:
    • added renderIndicators - Render +/- indicators for added/deleted changes. (defaults to true)

Thank you

[0.7.1] (07.10.2016)

  • Bugfixes in monaco-html, including fixing formatting.

[0.7.0] (07.10.2016)

  • Adopted TypeScript 2.0 in all the repos (also reflected in monaco.d.ts).
  • Added YAML colorization support.
  • Brought back the ability to use editor.addAction() and have the action show in the context menu.
  • Web workers now get a nice label next to the script name.

API changes:

  • settings:
    • new values for lineNumbers: 'on' | 'off' | 'relative'
    • new values for renderWhitespace: 'none' | 'boundary' | 'all'
  • removed model.setMode(), as IMode will soon disappear from the API.

Debt work

  • Removed html, razor, php and handlebars from monaco-editor-core:
    • the monaco-editor-core is now finally language agnostic.
    • coloring for html, razor, php and handlebars is now coming in from monaco-languages.
    • language smarts for html, razor and handlebars now comes from monaco-html.
  • Packaging improvements:
    • thanks to the removal of the old languages from monaco-editor-core, we could improve the bundling and reduce the number of .js files we ship.
    • we are thinking about simplifying this further in the upcoming releases.

Thank you

0.6.1 (06.09.2016)

  • Fixed regression where editor.addCommand was no longer working.

0.6.0 (05.09.2016)

  • This will be the last release that contains specific IE9 and IE10 fixes/workarounds. We will begin cleaning our code-base and remove them.
  • We plan to adopt TypeScript 2.0, so this will be the last release where monaco.d.ts is generated by TypeScript 1.8.
  • javascript and typescript language services:
    • exposed API to get to the underlying language service.
    • fixed a bug that prevented modifying extraLibs.
  • Multiple improvements/bugfixes to the css, less, scss and json language services.
  • Added support for ATS/Postiats.

API changes:

  • settings:
    • new: mouseWheelZoom, wordWrap, snippetSuggestions, tabCompletion, wordBasedSuggestions, renderControlCharacters, renderLineHighlight, fontWeight.
    • removed: tabFocusMode, outlineMarkers.
    • renamed: indentGuides -> renderIndentGuides, referenceInfos -> codeLens
  • added editor.pushUndoStop() to explicitly push an undo stop
  • added suppressMouseDown to IContentWidget
  • added optional resolveLink to ILinkProvider
  • removed enablement, contextMenuGroupId from IActionDescriptor
  • removed exposed constants for editor context keys.

Notable bugfixes:

  • Icons missing in the find widget in IE11 #148
  • Multiple context menu issues
  • Multiple clicking issues in IE11/Edge (#137, #118)
  • Multiple issues with the high-contrast theme.
  • Multiple IME issues in IE11, Edge and Firefox.

Thank you

0.5.1 (24.06.2016)

  • Fixed mouse handling in IE

[0.5.0] (24.06.2016)

Breaking changes

  • monaco.editor.createWebWorker now loads the AMD module and calls create and passes in as first argument a context of type monaco.worker.IWorkerContext and as second argument the initData. This breaking change was needed to allow handling the case of misconfigured web workers (running on a file protocol or the cross-domain case)
  • the CodeActionProvider.provideCodeActions now gets passed in a CodeActionContext that contains the markers at the relevant range.
  • the hoverMessage of a decoration is now a MarkedString | MarkedString[]
  • the contents of a Hover returned by a HoverProvider is now a MarkedString | MarkedString[]
  • removed deprecated IEditor.onDidChangeModelRawContent, IModel.onDidChangeRawContent

Notable fixes

  • Broken configurations (loading from file:// or misconfigured cross-domain loading) now load the web worker code in the UI thread. This caused a breaking change in the behaviour of monaco.editor.createWebWorker
  • The right-pointing mouse pointer is oversized in high DPI - issue
  • The editor functions now correctly when hosted inside a position:fixed element.
  • Cross origin configuration is now picked up (as advertised in documentation from MonacoEnvironment)